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A responsive redesign and development

We were appointed by Horton to create a more professional and up-to-date image for Horton International to showcase the company as a global precence reinforcing the position as having a true global reach across the world.

We also wanted to create a site that was mobile responsive, as well as visually improving the site and building on the already successful brand, we wanted the new site to become a well organised and easy to use resource, and also to look at reducing ongoing support costs through the use of a content management system.

Ross Eades
Horton International Logo

"Horton International was looking for a ‘smart’ partner to work with on our journey to re-design and launch a new website. The team at Addictivity have exceeded my expectations at every stage of the process from the initial briefing to launch. We are now excited and looking forward to the next phase of building on this with the commencement of our digital marketing strategy with Alex" 

Ross Eades, Group CEO, Horton Group International

We started working on the creative process by mapping out the vision of Horton International and drilling down at the core values.

We also worked up the core purpose and value proposition for Horton International, giving us the basis for the creative brief, looking at style samples, and agreed on a set of visuals from which to start designing the site.

The new site is mobile responsive so it does run seamlessly across mobile devices having specific layouts designed to work down to the 320 pixel width of your iPhone.

Horton Values

Horton International

It features a high impact large visual-based homepage with a clear vision on what Horton International actually does, with large calls to action to channel the user to the appropriate part of the website. It uses a multi-panel approach to the homepage meaning we’re able to convert more regarding the global reach of the company, and allow users to go straight into the regional office section that’s relevant to them. We have an interactive map showing all the areas covered by Horton International.

The site features up to 40 different regions each with their own site and many in multiple languages, each with role-based CMS access.

We’re looking forward to working with Horton International on their ongoing Digital Marketing campaigns.