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Cobalt Recruitment Website

A recent example of recruitment website design for Cobalt Recruitment. Aside from the responsive redesign, we also were tasked with improving the quality of the code-base and the CMS platform. The client wanted to run the site over five regions, including different language versions. And the result was to have a best-in-class solution for an international recruitment agency. 

Liz Rowden
Cobalt Recruitment

“Cobalt Recruitment was keen to improve the infrastructure to support SEO campaigns. I was looking for a partner that responded well to my questions and offered a consultative approach and Addictivity certainly met this criteria. From the design through development and launch, I have been impressed.”

Liz Rowden, Marketing Manager, Cobalt Recruitment

Cobalt Responsive Design

Responsive Recruitment Website

The brief was for a responsive redesign and so we paid particular attention down to the mobile user. For recruitment sites such as this, the mobile user quite often has different needs to that of a desktop user. And with over 50% of traffic on mobile devices being the norm these days, its not a user demographic you can ignore. We find mobile users on recruitment websites are looking for relevant jobs over anything else, and so we optimise the experience to allow just that. Of course, easy navigation to the site content is a necessity but at the core, the jobs are key. The end game for the user is, of course, to be able to easily and quickly apply for a job right there from their phone.

Broadbean Jobs Integration

We worked closely with leading recruitment technology specialist Broadbean to integrate a custom XML feed, seamlessly importing jobs listings from its database while still allowing the client to add and manage vacancies via the site's own CMS. In addition, we were required to devise a method of keeping data synchronised across five separate regional domains, some hosted in entirely different data centres in different countries.

Cobalt Recruitment



Website Speed Statistics

Site Optimisation

We pride ourselves in looking beyond the obvious when it comes to optimising site performance, and this project was no exception. Of course our software is designed to be fast, with complex pages and even searches returned in a fraction of a second. But for mobile devices, which are often used on a less-than-optimal connection, we were able to make significant reductions in the amount of data required for each page. The result is a site that's both subjectively quick even on a mobile connection, but also performs exceptionally well when tested with third-party tools such as Google's Page Speed Test, an increasingly important ranking measure for SEO.